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Profit Without Worry

May 22, 2018

Today, I’m interviewing my Facebook ad client Annalicia Lynn about EVERYTHING it took to get ready to run a full scale ad campaign that supports her marketing funnel and launch her program while being smart about her budget and attracting the right people.  Let’s dive into this in depth behind-the-scenes interview now…

Biggest Show Takeaways:

  • Background on Annalicia
  • Annalicia describes her experience with Facebook ads in the past (spoiler: she knows how to run them herself… and yet still wanted support)
  • Describe the process to get ready to run ads (from scratch) - this was a BRAND NEW offer so there was a lot of pre-work that had to be done including:
  • Identifying audience pains
  • Planning warm up content
  • Planning invite them in content
  • Planning your bottom of funnel content
  • Making sure ad content worked WITH Annalicia’s funnel
  • Reviewing all the marketing funnel emails so that they worked with the Facebook ads we planned
  • Reviewing your sales pages so that all the Facebook ads would work WITH the full marketing funnel and get her audience ready to buy
  • Auditing your marketing funnel pages to ensure your facebook ad pixel was installed correctly and working so we could target correctly her audience (this is KEY to making your ads work)
  • Talking about the RIGHT audience to target and following the 3-step ad process
  • BUDGET talk - how much, and why
  • Want to know if Facebook ads are right for you and your business? Take this free and easy quiz and in less than 5 minutes you’ll know if you’re ready to dive into the world of Facebook ads.

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