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Profit Without Worry

May 1, 2018

Today on the pod we’ve got Annalicia Lynn, an incredible writer, speaker, coach, podcast and health & fitness expert. Annalicia has always has a tough time marketing her radically different approach to fitness and self-care. She has managed to build a fiercely loyal tribe, but Annalicia has always known there was a lot more available to her if only she could get her message right… so let’s dive into her story today.   

Biggest Show Takeaways:

  • Learn about the journey Annalicia took in researching her competitors and why that was so different than in the past
  • Why a marketing funnel was so important for Annalicia’s business
  • Challenges Annalicia faced while deciding on her funnel and researching
  • How using the Funnel Persuasion Playbook was different than other approaches in other courses
  • Want to know which marketing funnel is right for you and your business? Take this free and easy quiz and in less than 5 minutes you’ll know EXACTLY which funnel is right for you.

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